Enums - 0.9.6 |RTTR

RTTR allows also to register enumerated constants (enums). Therefore use the function registration::enumeration().

It has following synopsis:

template<typename Enum_Type>
  • name the declared name of this enum
#include <rttr/registration>
using namespace rttr;
enum class E_Alignment
AlignLeft = 0x0001,
AlignRight = 0x0002,
AlignHCenter = 0x0004,
AlignJustify = 0x0008
value("AlignLeft", E_Alignment::AlignLeft),
value("AlignRight", E_Alignment::AlignRight),
value("AlignHCenter", E_Alignment::AlignHCenter),
value("AlignJustify", E_Alignment::AlignJustify)

In order to add the individual enumerators you have to use the () operator of the returned bind object. Then you call for every enumerator you want to add, the function value().

It has following synopsis:

template<typename Enum_Type>
detail::enum_data<Enum_Type> value(string_view name, Enum_Type value);

The name is a string_view and the value is the enum value.

The class enumeration contains several meta information about an enum with conversion functions between the value representation and its literal representation.

How to use the enumeration class shows following example:

using namespace rttr;
type enum_type = type::get_by_name("E_Alignment");
if (enum_type && enum_type.is_enumeration())
enumeration enum_align = enum_type.get_enumeration();
std::string name = enum_align.value_to_name(E_Alignment::AlignHCenter);
std::cout << name; // prints "AlignHCenter"
variant var = enum_align.name_to_value(name);
E_Alignment value = var.get_value<E_Alignment>(); // stores value 'AlignHCenter'
You can also use the variant class to convert from an enum value to is integral or string representation.
variant var = E_Alignment::AlignHCenter;
std::cout << var.to_int() << std::endl; // prints '4'
std::cout << var.to_string() << std::endl; // prints 'AlignHCenter'